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About Teaching / Learning Approach

Homework Projects

UA believes that revision is the key technique to remember the textual concepts. That is why we always assign students as much homework as possible. Homework is checked and returned promptly each week for each subject. This helps the students to keep pace with their studies.

Education Tours/Field Trips

Students are taken on UA organized research oriented tours and field trips for their projects which are part of their syllabus on subjects like population studies, sociology, hotel management, marketing and mass communication. Based on these project reports, final HSEB practical examination are evaluated by external subject experts.

Special Classes for Merit Students

Merit students selected from their send-up examination marks are given special coaching classes aiming at their final HSEB exam so they could deal with any kind of questions that might come in their final exam.

Debates and Presentation

This is an extension of the student as a Tutor Programme. UA encourages interested students to take up public speaking. Excellent performers of the student as a Tutor Programme are engaged in debates and presentations on selected issues of public concern. This is a part of the extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in talks and presentations outside the college.

Guest Lectures

In order to make students acquainted with latest works and theories on the subjects, guest lecturers who are their concerned subject, reputed teachers or writers on the subjects are invited to the college as guest lecturers to give talks to our students.

Use of Audio-visuals

In order to enhance the teaching skills and make learning more comprehensible, UA constantly takes the help of modern teaching techniques. Experienced teachers at UA make student grasp many complex lessons with ease through the use of appropriate multimedia presentations and various audio-visual programmes.

Free Tutorial Classes

Students are also given as many revision classes as they need. These revision classes are free of cost and are provided to meet their needs.

Student as a Tutor Programme

Students tend to forget most of the lessons taught in classrooms. So UA has adopted an approach to make them remember what they have learnt. After second term examination, students are made to deliver a lecture on whatever they have been taught from the beginning of the session. This is a part of the academic exercise.

Project Works

Students are required to complete and submit project reports, related to subjects based on class work and data collection from field visit to commercial/industrial/media/socio-cultural scientific organizations under the guidance of the subject teachers. Evaluation marks are given for such project works which will eventually be added during the final send-up results.

Handouts System

The teachers of related subjects provide students handouts as supporting materials on given lesson. But students have to prepare their own notes referring to the class lectures, text books, reference books and the given handouts.

Interaction with Parents and Guardians

UA has a tradition of regular interaction with parents and guardians. After each terminal examination, the Principal, Academic In-charge, Coordinators, Counselors and the concerned faculty subject teachers discuss the academic performance of the student with his/her parent or guardian. The interaction with parents and guardians is also undertaken when students have serious problem with their studies, discipline and irregularities in their classes.

Orientation on Course of Study and Model Questions

UA gives orientation lectures for a couple of days before regular classes start. UA provides booklets containing course of study for both classes XI and XII at the beginning of the academic session. Students are provided with a set of model questions, chapterwise questions including the UA examinations, past Board Examinations and send-up questions of other top well known colleges for each subject to familiarize students with the Board pattern and possible questions pattern. Revision/discussion classes focussing on Board exam are conducted after the send-up exams.


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