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I stil remember the first day I entered United and the excitement and curiosity that stirred in my bosom. Over my journey of two years, I have had a chance to meet really inspiring and supportive teachers and friends, who helped me to overcome my weakness and be a better person. The college administration is proactive to ensure the academic success of the students. So make sure you too are equally proactive.

- Bidhyalaxmi Maharjan Humanities : 3rd Topper

I can positively say UA has made me a better student. UA is not only professionally good at teaching but it is also good at developing student’s personality. With experienced and friendly teachers, you will have a sound environment to study. UA leaves no stone unturned to make students disciplined which as I feel has helped me focus on my goals with greater reasons.

- Drishna Sthapit Humanities-Third Topper 2072

As it is said that school is our second home and teachers as our second parents I feel the same in united. It hasn’t only provided me with quality education but also has helped me to achieve my desired goals. With motto of education, mankind and civilization, united helps one to get better education and makes you better mankind.  

- Pragya Katwal Humanities-Second Topper 2072

In the humble environment of UA, the past two years were never forgetting experience for me. Little skeptic about my subject I entered into the golden gate of UA on the first day. But the devotion and support that the teachers and the seniors have shown towards us all of my doubts vanished within few days of college. I want to warmly welcome my juniors in united academy and suggest them to fully utilize their important two years in the college. United academy can be the important platform for you to design your future which you have imagined. I want to wish the best to all the Unitedian for their future in UA.

- Shradha Khanal Humanities-First Topper 2072

I feel Proud to say that I am a part of United Academy. With a very poor SLC performance and rare confidence, I joined UA and I improved my study career to which I had never taken seriously before. But as I attended the challenge given by United Academy, I failed again and again. But this institution never thought me to de-accelerate. With encouraging teachers and systematic platform available here, I learnt to give better when I had given good. So, I labored and finally I was able to end the conflict. But it’s not the end nor enough as UA has always encouraged me “to look further is better than to get lost in the happiness of past.” Till the end you will still search for a reason who shall you learn for? Believe me, if you find it, it’s much more than mere an Academy.

- Mausham Shrestha Science-Second Topper 2072

Only when we are confident and focused on doing our best, we take control of our success. Our lasting success comes from approaching each walking moment, living with integrity, striving to reach one’s full potential and making difference in the life of others. It is not based on what we have but on what we are. It is something that is within us, not outside us. And that is what this organization taught me in my senior year of the “Great High School Experience”. I’ve realized, striving for the best I can is really what is important. And so here I take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to each member of this organization who extended their help in the course of this academic experience. If there is any place you would want to study for a bright secure future, United Academy is definitely the place you look forward to…

- Sulochan Acharya Science-Second Topper 2072

Completely entwined with learning, discipline and fun in the same pace, United has given me the most precious attachment that I will possess for the rest of my life. The rules, regulations and learning environment of United have helped me to discover and develop myself. I am really thankful to our teachers and counselors who always groomed me during my confusions. Thank you so much United for giving me a platform to explore my knowledge and enriching me with many essential components of life.

- Riju Manandhar Management-Third Topper 2072

Challenges are to be experienced, not ignored… What best is known about United Academy is its excellence and discipline. Recognized as a student of UA has become a matter of honor to me. The premise of UA is really admirable. It is bound with certain rules and regulation which are slightly strict but are essential to develop discipline within students and administration. Supportive and qualified teachers, good educational environment, proper management and skill developing criteria are the assets that influence the students to join UA for their better future. It was wonderful experience for me to be a Unitedian.

- Sujata Shrestha Management-Second Topper 2072

In my view, UA is one of the best academia with co-operative and experienced teachers and administrative members along with friendly environment and close relationship. I, as a student of UA, would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thank all the teachers and administrative members for their valuable effort and guidance to enhance the students in their study affairs and discipline.

- Subi Dangol Management-Second Topper 2072

“Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good but you may gain something even better”. I joined UA to change myself and I’m glad I did. I have met so many people in this institution who helped me to change a lot. Though my high school life was short, I have so many memories that I will cherish throughout my life. Enrolling in UA was a huge decision to take but I feel happy to have spent my high school (+2) in UA. I’m happy that I got experienced and motivating teachers as well as loving friends. Thank you UA for offering me opportunity to know what I am truly capable of. I hope everyone can find their hidden capabilities….

- Shrija shakya Management-First Topper 2072

Two years of proper guidance has really been fruitful. I appreciate the encouragement and support that United Academy provided me during all the phases of the high school years and am especially grateful to all the teachers for their invaluable guidance. These two years of a disciplined life in UA helped me to learn good morals for life. United Academy can be a great platform to pursue your high school studies

- Satyarth Upadhyaya Topper - 1st, Science Faculty (2071)

“Dedication, motivation and inspiration lead you towards success.” Get out of your zone and push yourself into the challenges. Never let the difficulties fall you down. Being a student of United Academy is always a pride. More exams in United make more preparation. Discipline and strictness of my college lead to better future.  

- Laxmi Gurung Topper - 1st, Management Faculty (2071)

  These past two years have simply been mesmerizing. I still remember the first day of college & here I am now, already bidding goodbye to that important chapter of my life. Being a Unitedian, I have been constantly guided to my actual goal that is to learn, and have actually learned a lot. Specially being a student of Humanities, you learn to witness life differently. It was a totally different and refreshing experience for all of us. As a whole, I consider my college life in United Academy very valuable which has guided me to where I stand now and I am very thankful to all teachers, friends & people who have contributed in my learning experience.

- Sumeru Sambahangphe Topper - 1st, Humanities Faculty (2071)

Two years in United Academy has proved to be an extremely fruitful journey. The excellence of the institution in providing high quality education along with maintaining discipline and culture is what makes it one of the best choices in the country. The students who became the part of UA not only reside in the warmth of finest quality of education but also observe systematic formation of one’s character. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the UA family and wish them all the very best for the glorious years ahead.

- Ashmita Amatya Topper - 2nd, Science Faculty (2071)

Studying in UA was like a dream come true. Today being a part of United family I feel proud as it has helped me to excel in academics as well as leadership skills. I have gained quite a lot of experience which I know will help me in future. So, I believe as it has a strong management system and academic environment, UA is the best choice for everyone.

- Prafulla Aryal Topper - 2nd, Management Faculty (2071)


I stil remember the first day I entered United and the excitement and curiosity that stirred in my bosom. Over my journey of two years, I have had a c ...
-Bidhyalaxmi Maharjan Humanities : 3rd Topper

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