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Sep 20, 2015
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Sep 08, 2015

Administration, United College

Established in 2058 B.S. as the higher wing of the triumphant United Academy,United college is centrally located at Kumaripati,Lalitpur.The college is established to offer courses on business studies througha scientific ans discipline approach.The college afffilated to the TU runs Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Master of Business Studies (MBS) in an unrivalled enviroment.

The College strives to equip students with the latest insight into the competitive world by making them more sensetive,sensible and responsible.Unietd college isnot just a college in lateral sense,rather a college in fact that it embodies and uses all the necessary infrastructure both physical and academic to their fullest extent in order to enable the students to face al sorts of challenges and problem.

United college is part of the United Education System which boastfully proclaims itself as a complete institution which caters education from pre-primary to post-graduate levels.

United College has completed three years of its establishements.The first batch of its BBS students has already completed.The performance which the college has already witnessed for last few years has provided an immense sense of acheivement with the overwhelmingyl outstanding but well concerted ,results of BBS results published by the TU.

Our Advisory Committe
  • Prof.Dr. Madan K.Dahal Central Dept.of Economics,TU
  • Prof.Dr.Manohar K.Shrestha Central Dept.of Management,TU
  • Prof.Dr.P.Bajracharya Central Dept.of Management,TU
  • Prof.Dr.K.D.Koirala Central Dept.of Management,TU
  • Prof.Dr.Shekhar Gurung Central Dept.of Physics,TU
  • Prof.Dr.Meenakshi Malhotra University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India
  • Mr.P.D.Rai Chairman of SIDICO & ECOSS Sikkim,India
  • Dr.Sunity Shrestha Assistant Dean,Faculty of Management, TU
  • Dr.Narendra Bhattarai M.D,Nepal Banglasesh Bank Ltd.
  • Mr Ratna Man Dangol Associate Prof,TU
  • Mr.Bijaya Manandhar M.D,Lalitpur Finance Co.Ltd.