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About Teaching / Learning Approach

Tutorial Classes

Many tutorial classes free of cost are arranged for students to make sure those needing help can catch up with others.

Home Assignment Projects

Students are offered to do home assignment after lesson is over. The home assignment is checked and returned promptly.

Field Study

United College will facilitate regular field study and industrial visit. The students should have to submit a report after such trips.

Hand-out System

Handout system of teaching is most important for students. After the completion of one or two lessons, teachers of related subjects provide students with various materials in the form of handouts.

Participatory Method

To encourage students participation in class students as Tutor Program,Group Discussion and Project Works are conducted.

Seminar and Research

United College emphasizes involvement of students in research work. The subject teacher as per need recommends the research work.To provide further information about the curriculum and give students opportunity for experiencing real life, United College organizes seminars with experienced managers and researchers.

Teaching Equipment

Overhead Projectors, Audio-Visual Aid, Computers, Video and other necessary equipment are used.

Management Research and Development Center (MRDC)

In the present world of fast growing technology and competition, a student must be well equipped with techno-friendly attitude towards academics and exposure to the realities of the environment where they live through regular research and interactive activities. Just passing exams will not be enough to get a promising career anymore. The MRDC at United College encourages bachelors and masters level students towards extensive use of technology in their academic activities, involve them in research oriented works where students directly get the opportunity to interact with the different strata of the market and society, and in the process develop their self confidence, interaction capabilities and overall personality.

Student as a Professor

The normal routine of attending lectures everyday in classes and following it up with certain hours of study at home more often than not, invites boredom amongst the creative minds of students at bachelors and masters level. In order to make the learning process more interesting and penetrative, UnitedCollege introduces a unique class activity called ‘Student as a Professor’. This is an interactive session inside a class room, where students are given relevant topics in different subjects coherent to their syllabus. They prepare the topic(s) and then come to the front desk in the class room and gives a ‘lecture’ on the particular subject assigned to her/him, in the same way as a teacher teaches a subject in the class. The student is also cross-questioned by her/his class mates. This is an effective method of knowledge enhancement with a perfect blend of fun, excitement and experience.


I found United College a perfect institution for a management course. BBS is not only competitive but also a very challenging course in UC. Being a ca ...
-Basanti Bista(BBS IIND YR)

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