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UNITED SCHOOL is the juniors wing of United Group of Academic Institution (United Pre-School, United School, United Training Centre, United Academy, United College and United Counseling & Guidance Department), where classes are run from Playgroup to Post-graduation level. The school, established in April 2000, has adopted a creative curriculum to ensure overall development of students in their formative years. It employs up-to-date teaching methods, trained educators and modern tools to educate children as per the demand of the society through various student-centered activities.

The college follows scientific teaching technique, allowing students to approach their subjects with a keen insight. As a result, they come up with a clear concept of the subjects and develop their own vision about them. ConsequentThe school is guided by a long-term mission of equipping students with the preliminary skills and knowledge they need to cope with the challenges of higher education and real life situations.ly, it helps the students pursue their higher studies with confidence.

Moreover, United School has given a lot of emphasis not only on modern methods of education but also on traditional ways by which to teach the children their rights, responsibilities and social obligations as United School wants its students to be familiar with the unique Nepali culture and the countrys age-old tradition that make our society distinct. The extra-curricular activities are geared towards this end.

So the school offers a rich mix of modernity and tradition as its students prepare for colleges and the world of work after that. It realizes that the cultural mosaic of students, which shows unity in diversity, should be kept intact and promoted as an ideal despite their exposure to modern ways of life.


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United School
Satdobato, Lalitpur
Phone: +977 1 5543497
Email: uschool@united.edu.np