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United Academy has established the United Alumni Association. It is the association of the ex-students of all the students who are once a part of United Family. It is established with the intension of enhancing relationship between the ex-students of the United Academy. By this, the association will continue to maintain a healthy relationship between United Family and its ex-students.

The purpose of the alumni is to create a network between our all ex-students and to be in contact with them, and to encourage participation for the welfare of the community of students.

Till today, more than 5000 students are associated with United Group. Most of our students have got remarkable place in our society; some of them owned their own business, some of them worked in higher post of reputed organization, some of them are linked with media and so on. Through these alumni we want to create active network between ex-students so that our alumnae can get direct or indirect benefit from it. And also we provide the network opportunities to the alumni.

If you are previously students of United Academy you can join our Association by filling this form.

Please NOTE that all the application will be monitored by the Administrator and manually approved if all the information were correct. Once your application is approved you will get the approval email and can enjoy all the features of United Alumni Association online.

For further details, please contact:
Mr. Prashan Maharjan

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