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"One thing you cannot recycle is wasted time"

My students learn value of time, importance of labour and necessity of positive discipline, and that's all. United School contemplates "Eastern Heart Western Mind". Inculcating value of time, sensing importance of labour and knowing the necessity of positive discipline develops a person with "Eastern Heart Western Mind".

I believe a school is a place for students to make strong foundation for their future career. Total school management designs day to day teaching learning activities, implements, monitors, evaluates them and redesigns activities for better outcome of each child every term and every year.

To achieve this goal:

I consider teachers:

  • Create conducive environment to thrive each child's knowledge.
  • Implement ownership of learning to students.
  • Design innovative plan using the resources available to teach students problem solving skills.
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional growth to increase the quality of instruction.
  • Involve in teachers' forum to discuss current pedagogical practices.
  • Updates with each child's achievement and creates triangular relationship of teacher,parent and student for better achievement.

I consider students:
  • Learn to create best out of the time and resources given.
  • Develop problem solving skill individually and in team.
  • Understand the strength of team spirit and contribution of an individual in a team work.
  • Perceive the potency of positive discipline; and implement it to bring positive vibes among their colleagues.
  • Develop capability to foresee future achievement out of everyday small labours in collection.

Regarding parents a source of inspiration and knowledge, I would like to welcome them to my office.

Mr. Kuldip Neupane


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