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About Teaching / Learning Approach

In addition to common teaching methods like explanation, discussion, demonstration role-play etc United School heavily employs strategies of facilitative teaching to make the experiential learning a true reality.
Our students play much more active role in their learning where the prime role of the teacher is to facilitate students efforts and progress. Students are encouraged to explore problems and come up with their own solutions.

Our major teaching strategies are:


To teach students how to learn on their own we the school gives them opportunities to explore topics, find information and reach conclusion.


This is an important strategy to bring about intense students enthusiasm and involvement in their learning.
The school encourages students to assume responsibility for planning, organizing conducting their work individually or in groups and finalizing the product. They display their products with the help of teachers. It has been observed that the products of these projects being exciting to students and their parents alike.
Lower classes will do simple projects suited to their age.

Co-operative learning

The school forms groups of 5-6 students to complete specific tasks. Applying this strategy it has been observed students being encouraged for good co-operation, positively sharing, realizing the value of collective wisdom and effort, making creative contribution as much as they could. This strategy helps to develop leadership skill, social skills and positive interdependence.


To make teaching effective through the implementation of latest methods of teaching it is inevitable to use instructional technologies such as the audio-visual facilities. Aware of this, the school has introduced audio-visual packages to enhance the teaching and learning environment OHP, slide projector, cassette player, Video etc are such frequently used technologies in our classrooms.


The school has set up a "Training and Resource Unit" where teachers meet routinely and conduct workshops and seminars to discuss the effective use of latest teaching methods and techniques, and generate ideas about developing teaching materials. Following the direction of Resource Person the skilled workers in the Unit prepare teaching materials ready on time for the teachers to use.


Students are encouraged to consult the library for newspapers and magazines. They are expected to incorporate this information into their class-work, homework and projects.


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